What have I learned from not posting in two months

Kai Greene and I at New York Comic Con for his new comic, "King Kai"

Yesterday, I met one of my favorite fitness personalities in the industry at New York Comic Con, an event I hold very close to my inner nerdy heart. I also did several brand ambassador gigs on the side to support myself financially after another job opportunity that let me down. As much as I would love to tap into the mindset of James Clear and Tim Ferris, I realized that I have so much to be grateful for, but I had very selfish moments, especially as a fitness enthusiast who wants to help people achieve a body of a lifetime. Half of the time, I just write stuff I thought it can be useful, but yet I have had any more than one comment on any of my blog posts, even if I actually poured my heart here and there. I’m still learning so much about myself, yet I’m no fitness guru and try to stay away from being some salesperson- like know it all gym rat to shove you into buying products and services I can’t completely vouch for. Bear with me with The Concept of FIT, I have lots to learn and with that, here are a few things I have learned:

  1. I still want to produce more multimedia content again, it’s been ages and the more I haven’t worked with other creatives, the more likely you have to start again from scratch. So if you are a NYC creative who happens to lift or work out, please email me at theconceptoffit@gmail.com
  2. I got a clue of my target audience and might will take me hopefully by the end of 2015 to hone it down better, but I can’t stress that the direction of the blog can be better suited to have at least one down to the core.
  3. I always wanted to do a few self-portraits of myself before shooting seriously again. There are many insecurities I constantly face and battle that I somewhat find verbally difficult to describe. I never felt comfortable showing off my skin and being 25 and still never wearing a bikini does make a lady feel, well less sexy. I think every woman (guys too) should fully appreciate their bodies and what makes them physically and mentally unique. As a photographer, the more you can fully understand your subject, the more creative and beautiful that image becomes. This is a challenge, but you might see a different side of me soon.
  4. The more I work out, the less excited I get going out to nightclubs and events that isn’t fitness or technology related, besides film and television. The essential things that truly make me happy are starting to illuminate again after a few years of constantly trying to please people who happily failed to understand me. I strike conversations with new people each day, but for once I rather build how I can help people versus celebrating goals yet achieved.
  5. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO ACCEPT ME, Keep working out anyways. Can’t cry over people who don’t even value themselves.
  6. PEOPLE DO CARE, Appreciate them to the fullest!
  7. Be inspired to be a better version of yourself.
  8. Wish and Want are both 4 letter words that start with a w, which one are you in terms of what you are aiming for?
  9. Hard work does beats talent, but if you have the talent, don’t waste it either or become something you are not or a ball of repulse.
  10. Fitness open doors, case closed.

What do you think of this article? Pretty straight forward, eh. Until then, what is your  Concept of FIT?