To beast or not to beast (NEW GIVEAWAY)

I am a creative. Sometimes the first thing I remember about a person is the story they tell. I have a bucket list of things I want to knock down. Fitness helps me to become more creative.”


I know how strong I am and the funny thing is that I know I can be stronger, not limiting to the weights. I promised myself to never stay frail and weak physically to protect my mental state, especially if I couldn’t say the words out at first. Usually, when I’m given a workout, I try my best to not take super long rest periods. Even after a workout is done, I hop onto another one. I often combine Layne’s Norton PH3 trainer with Michael Vasquez’s Abs without crunches to raise some hell at the gym. My macros have been tracked for 60+ days straight without eating extra earned calories. I want to beast. However, I sometimes get upset if I don’t do the work in cardio and flexibility workouts such as yoga and not push my results further.

I still lament on the things I want to improve on as a person nor shot anything more consistently (btw, I am looking to shoot travel, fitness, events and portraits in the NYC/NJ area, so email me at if you or you know someone.) Automatically, I am in the “not to beast” zone. To beast, you do the things you love the most and do it well! To beast, you have to make your weaknesses your strongest asset. Hrithik Roshan has stuttering issues when he was younger and even though he was born into the Bollywood scene from family, he wouldn’t have been as successful if he didn’t overcome his challenges in his speech. No different from Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr., to play Ice Cube in Straight Outta Compton. He had to go through two years of acting classes to play his father.  As for me, I struggle slowing down when I talk at times, but because I admit this, I am accountable.

The bottom line is that you have to do both things that you enjoy or really good at as much as you do the things that make you uncomfortable to also reap the reward of success. How do we do this? This is totally up to you, but I recommend we write a list of the things you want to work at and doing the things you love to do. Do this as a start, write three things you want to improve on and three things you want to do again. Repeat when you cross off all items from this list.


This is my current list:




  • Public Speaking
  • Yoga/Flexibility/Stress Relief Methods
  • Running/Sprinting


More Experiences:

  • Travel
  • Shoot a short film
  • Editorials



For me to get these items crossed off, I seek to ask people who are better than me in achieving some of these categories. I am a brand ambassador for several companies in the city, which I am planning to somehow incorporate that to my branding. The coolest thing of freelancing as a brand ambassador besides the experience of working with different companies and the swag is often being surrounded with creative people, often with similar interests. You will run into the actors, models, photographers and other artsy people that have more colorful stories than Hollywood. And so, I want you to write a short list of the following:


  • Improvements
  • More Experiences



Post some of your answers here. I am doing a giveaway of winning a pair of Balega socks for the top answers in the next post or follow up post.  Multiple winners for more shared stories. Share this post with friends who can use the space to tackle tasks and hopefully win some socks.


Until then, what’s Your Concept of FIT?  Please share this post today. It means a lot!