Welcome to 2016

Honest abe

Hey there,

Hope everyone had a wonderful new year’s so far! It’s been a while since I hopped back on writing on here, but I do want to share a few things before I figure out how to slay 2016 with the goals I envisioned. In order to do this, I have to be completely honest with you. Sometimes it’s best to do these types of posts, whether on social media or simply writing a sticky note to yourself. I started losing weight in 2014 to cope with getting my life together after losing my grandmother in 2013. I mentioned this a few times throughout my blog, but at my heaviest, weighing slightly above 180 pounds, I was mentally weaker than I ever been. I ask myself these questions, I wanted to be more honest, which you should too.

  1. Why did I become this heavy?
  2. Why did I compromise so much of my energy to people that didn’t value my time or worse, respect me?
  3. What circumstances shifted my original goals in life and is it too late to have the same dreams to pursue them?
  4. When will you start loving yourself and not trying to impress others?
  5. Are you even honest with what you truly want?
  6. What is your biggest fear, if you have any?
  7. Where do you see yourself in the next five years from where you stand?


These questions may seem daunting to ask, so I answer some of them with my own responses, after all, this is a post about honesty.


  1. I became heavy due to the combination of many factors, especially the usual unlimited meal plans, college drinking, all-nighters and more. Ironically, I was formerly a track and field athlete and was active in Rugby and Karate in college. If anything, despite my tendencies of being a self-starter, I would have benefited if I developed a stronger bond with sports teams I was part of, not just for the sake of doing the sport.
  2. This was something I allowed for an extended period of time because for the majority of my life, I held my speech problems accountable for underselling myself. When you couldn’t speak clearly at the time (tachyphemia) (Note: Although it was self-diagnosed, the majority of symptoms matches mine), you are prone to get people to do the following:
    • Constantly “promising” or selling you a fake dream. You are feeding their dreams and reaping your time and perhaps your wallet.
    • Emotionally manipulating you by feeding your thoughts with fear, doubt and anxiety and that “they need you more than you need you factor is in”
    • That you have more power than vice versa.
  3. Originally I was pursuing pre-med like most peers my culture. A typical life for you is that you do well in high school, get into a great school majoring in pre-med and become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer or any respected field. (WARNING: I may offend immigrants such as West Africans. This is from my viewpoint and no way associated with yours.) Get married, have a bunch of kids and in worse case scenarios, often neglecting your health and happiness to chase status of respect in your community to avoid negative gossip. Unfortunately, those fields are sure-fire ways to become an asset in western nations Although I do love science and my mom was a nurse, I was always a storyteller and started getting into multimedia in high school, restarted a TV station and done documentaries in college and got into photography post-college. Today, I still struggle in getting back into the flow of post-production, not solely on job availability but I often idolize my subjects more than giving myself more self-love and respect of which why I love health and fitness.
  4. I get so bored easily, I rather ditch plans just to have the gym to myself. I might try to impress a supplement company or an apparel company, ho hum.
  5. Now before I did. Is it concrete, no. Is it fitness, yes!
  6. Being alone, rejected and never to be understood. What can get worse than that?
  7. I hate to announce goals before I pursue them. Expect me to owe a fitness related business and video channel.

UPDATE: I am officially a brand ambassador for IMPI. Remember the socks, Balega that I often adorbs? I have partnered with them and would love to giveaway a few socks in the next post. Here is the giveaway, answer at least 1 question above. The more questions answered the more chances to win. Winners will be posted from the next post so stay tuned.