How I learn to invest in my past to rebuild myself

My sister (left) and I went out for her 23rd birthday.

I am still learning so much about myself and my fitness journey and took a little break to seek more ways to keep inventing myself. After working a full-time job with a tech company that is going through a lot of changes with legislation with New York City, I realized that its okay to take a break, not so often so you don’t seem lazy, but to figure things out. Oh, and I blew up my laptop because I never shut it off, which is EXTREMELY terrible to do! Some things I kept in mind.

1) Relive the happiest moments in your life 

Growing up in Maplewood, New Jersey, a town I am very fond for its rich cultural diversity with liberal undertone. I was able to dabble into many different interests, hence the development of my hobbies in Nerd/Anime culture and post production. At the same time, I was a track and field athlete. I may not be the top athlete at Columbia High or decided to go to film school, but I couldn’t think of a better time solely because I didn’t care about what people thought about me and I gave more than 100% in everything I touched. I also started my weight training journey at high school because I opt out of dance class and never lifted a barbell in my life. Lucky for me, my weight training coach was very supportive (and brutal) of me because I was one of three females in a class with only guys,  but was dedicated. I had to train with the boys’ track team via lifting days at one point.  I was just happy and overly passionate with things I loved to do.

Takeaway: If you are at a point in your life/career/relationship that is absolutely the worse, step away from civilization and get outdoors with greenery. Try to meditate or sit still, slowly breathing in and out for at least 5 minutes. Think of the highlights of your life, whether a time you made it or a better time and ask yourself

2) Never neglect those who truly do care about you

Yesterday was my sister’s 23rd birthday and despite our different personalities, she was one of my best friends growing up. Her brave, yet warm personalities taught me alot about enjoying the best that life has to offer and don’t try to impress everyone that is not willing to listen to you from the beginning. Generally, all of my siblings has a quality about them that I learned from. You are the best invention, the greatest artwork and best investment you can make. Not to mention, never forget those who reminds you of this. I believe that some people do horrible things to you to devalue you because they lack EVEN more value than you. If people truly care for you, your voice will be heard, but never ignore those who build you with those who want to impress. You will lose always. I rather spend $200 in investing on  my siblings’ gym memberships than a random night out in New York City (unless you really need a break and you go with friends) in HOPES to score numbers and ramble bullshit after bullshit. Sorry to get you uncomfortable, but the truth is that sometimes in order to achieve great goals you set for yourself, your best bet is to ensure that the five people you spend the most time with truly care about you as well as movers and shakers themselves.

Takeaway: Surround yourself with love and support in every aspects of your life and career.

3) Go back to the basics to reinvent yourself

Ever get caught up on a project or job one day and ask yourself what are you doing  and why you are here if you intend to get a promotion or start a new company? Sometimes we get lost in the process of getting to the next level, but ask yourself one question, is where you started is where you wanted to be? For example, if you originally wanted to start a dance company and somehow you go into weird fine art photography and now stuck, is there something that you are the best at that led you to this field? I tell you something.  I was originally a track and field high school athlete who lifted with boys at one point and got injured and learned how to video edit in order to fulfill my art requirement. I love video editing which led me into photography in Trinidad then writing publications after dealing with depression from family lost and personal struggles.

Now I am considering becoming an athlete and fitness journalist as well as focusing on shooting live events and travel photography. Long story short, I adore James Clear and what he produces in his work overall and would love to grow up to be like him someday. (James Clear if you are ever reading this…you are my hero). I have some many ideas, but its best to do one thing at the time and let the chips fall where they may

Takeaway: Baby steps!


What do you think about this article? What are some things that you would start doing today? Submit your answers in a comment below! Until then, what is your Concept of FIT?