Case Study #1: Kris Gethin Muscle Builder Plan

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Purpose: Physique Building

Location: Colosseum Gym in Newark, NJ

Duration: 3 Months

Completed: Yes

Note: I am not a fitness professional, just a woman who loves to work out and share notes.


Why I choose the plan:

I chose this plan first from in order to hit the year running in transforming my body by gaining more muscles in a short amount of time after almost a year of doing bodyweight exercises from circuit training. I felt that my strength has been built, but aesthetically there are some parts of my body that needs to cut more fat, especially the abdominal region.  Not to mention, I do have a hardcore, get shit done mentality, so choosing a difficult plan, I feel would yield more appealing results.

From looking through the trainers throughout the website, I resonated with Kris Gethin because he was responsible for the incredible body of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan for his role in Dhoom 2 and from there I was sold. His humble, yet “control your environment” personality has convinced me to take what I know in fitness to another level. Long story short, I want the best out there.

Why I chose training location:

I grew up with the gym around the area and it’s one of the closest gyms to my home in New Jersey. I personally knew a few people that go to the gym and one of the trainers’ sons is close with my brothers. Instinct wise, I rather go with what I already know and this was my decision. The gym was open to my idea of transforming my look for the year, not to mention the combination of using plans in combination of whatever classes I can take from the gym is what I would determine can come out of me. Unlike a chain gym, the gym is more geared to the hardcore types, but the members are really friendly and diverse. Some of them make great photographers from the images they took of me. I’m a sweet person unless I work out. So this gym would fit me just fine.

Biggest Strengths and Advantage:

After 12 weeks of the program, I did not only lose additional weight and gain additional muscle, but I gotten a whole lot stronger. However, since this was my first training regime in the gym since high school, I made some mistakes and I have to improve on things on my own time.


  • I had the majority of my supplements needed for the workout
  • Increased vascularity around the arms
  • Very consistent in my attendance (Only missed 2 days, but made up for it on rest days)
  • Increased confidence in taking images of myself when asking gym members to take images of me working out.
  • Gained more knowledge in general weight training protocol
  • Gained basic knowledge in general meal prepping


  • I have trained with the gym in the past when I was younger and last year for a month.
  • The gym is literally two blocks from my house
  • The supportive environment of the gym compared to other gyms I been to in New York City. Almost everyone at the gym is very friendly, supportive and full of knowledge to share with me, especially with form correction.
  • Some of the gym members have no problem correcting my form.
  • Colosseum Gym has many option for cardio, one of my favorites is the Jacob’s ladder.
  • The gym also has a women’s section gym since I do like to work out in a secluded space.

Biggest setbacks and weakness:

I admit, though I do applaud myself for my commit of my attendance of the Kris Gethin plan, there was some things I did not do so well on, especially diet and using my rest days more for cardio. The gym does have a great cross training class on Saturday mornings, but I failed to utilize a few classes to blast a few more inches off my waist, which resulted in not as much effective fat burning. Although I didn’t have an official cheat day, I also failed to watch my macros as well. I fell on the food aspect and couldn’t afford some of the supplements I needed at the time such as glutamine and Vitamin D.


  • Not having enough supplements needed to see the expected results.
  • I failed to look at my macros for the plan. As a result, my abs didn’t really improve within three months when it comes to definition.
  • Underestimating the condiments when it comes to items such as salt
  • I took too much time needed to finish a workout because of how unfamiliar I was to the gym.
  • Not taking advantage of my active rest to do cardio; I actually missed a few days.
  • Not going hard enough on the treadmill at the beginning.
  • I know this might be silly, but sometimes I forgot to go heavier from a previous set and when I realized this too late, I try to do the set again with a heavier weight.


  • I took too much time needed to finish a workout because of how unfamiliar I was to the gym
  • Forgetfulness (especially at looking at the Kris Gethin videos before a workout)
  • Not every workout I eat has a post workout meal.
  • Schedule changes and the fact I only have one gym at the moment can be quite cumbersome.

What can I learn from the next time?

  • Watch the video trainer before actually doing any assigned workout.
  • Form is king (well, queen too). Perform all reps with the best form as possible as if you are conducting an art project, you of course!
  • Establish proper meal prep, regardless of when you train.
  • Establish the best training time each day.
  • Don’t skip out of cardio.
  • Try to get a training partner to do this program with you.

Takeaways for doing this program:

  • You must have been working out at least 6 months prior to this. This is not a beginner program, you will see the results, but get ready to get your butt kicked a lot.
  • The combination of larger muscles and enhanced strength in a short amount of time depends on the effort you put in, everything counts.

Final recommendations

  • Choose a gym suited for your needs
  • Try to add a few extras abs workouts if possible.
  • This plan is definitely something I would recommend doing again to get ready for a competition.

Next training plan

  • Cory Gregory 30 Day Squat Challenge.